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Saturday Tumble Class schedule


Begins June 1st- Current Members Only
Athletes are required to attend 2 Sessions Monthly
June 1st, June 8th, June 15th, & June 29th

10- 11:30a

Practice and Tumbling for Tiny Tots


Cartwheels, Round offs, Back Walkovers, Front Walkovers,  Handstand Forward Rolls, Back Extension Rolls


Tucks, Punch Fronts, Whips, Aerials, Layouts

Classes are $20 per session paid via cash or Zelle to

214-517-6637 prior to the start of class


Back Handsprings, Front Handsprings, Flysprings

Athletes are required to attend 2 Saturday classes monthly. Classes can not be substituted with private sessions.

Athletes must technically master all required skills before moving to the next class.

Private Session

Cost- Must be Prepaid at the time of Booking- Zelle

Text 214-517-6637 to Schedule


Novice, Level 1 , and Level 2

1 Hour Sessions

$30 Current Members

$40 Non-Members

Level 3+

1 Hour Session

$40 Current Members

$50 Non-Members

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